CRYSTALS & HEALING STONES - Chakra Chart (below)

AGATE - A variety of Chalcedony.  Calming; comforting and useful for relieving pain.

AMAZONITE - A variety of Felspar.  Aphrodisiac; soothes nervous system and strengthens the heart.

AMBER – Fossilised pine tree resin.  Electrifying; relieves fear, depression, tiredness, asthma & infections.

AMETHYST – a variety of Quartz.  Protects against excesses in all forms. Calming; powerful blood cleanser; excellent for meditation.

AQUAMARINE – A variety of Beryl.  Keeps one young and happy; calms nerves; helps banish fear and phobias; excellent for meditation; good luck for travellers.

AVENTURINE – a variety of Quartz. Improves creativity, perception and independence;  alleviates anxiety; helps relieve fears; encourages a positive attitude.

AZURITE – a Copper Carbonate.  Increases sensitivity, amplifies natural healing abilities; strengthens blood; helps body utilize oxygen.  Effective in bone diseases, arthritis etc.

BLOODSTONE – A variety of Quartz. Used to balance and calm the uneasy mind; develops courage and caution; augments mental and physical vitality; powerful physical healer.

CALCITE – a Calcium Carbonate.  Alleviates fear and reduces stress; valued as a thought amplified; increases capacity for astral projection; aids kidneys; pancreas and spleen.

CARNELIAN – A variety of Chalcedony.  Energises blood; aids kidneys, lungs, gallbladder and pancreas; increases faith and repels fear; helps alleviate bad temper and brings contentment.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Gem Silica. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland; enhances metabolism.  Is helpful for nervous tension, fear, guilt, ulcers and digestive imbalance.  Excellent for female disorders; activates feminine qualities.

CHRYSOPRASE – A variety of Quartz.  Eases depression; helpful for sexual imbalance and fertility; maybe helpful in stabilizing blood pressure and relieves bleeding.

CITRINE – A variety of Quartz.  Relieves tiredness; brings happiness; strengthens nerves; good for heart, kidneys and liver.  Enhances body healing energy and tissue regeneration.

COPPER – Influences blood flow; aids metabolism; balances emotions; alleviates poor memory and the ability to retain thoughts; eases arthritic pain.

DIAMOND – A master healer.  Enhances brain function; draws toxicity from the body; useful for anxiety, insecurity and low self esteem; thought amplifier.

EMERALD – A variety of Beryl.  Calms the troubled mind; increases psychic clairvoyance; helps mental alertness.

FLOURITE – Calcium Fluoride. Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth; eases bone tissue and dental diseases; alleviates anxiety and sexual frustration.

GARNET – Enhances the willpower and perseverance; comforts when depressed; eases bad dreams.

GOLD – Balances brain hemispheres; aids tissue regeneration; eases depression; amplifies thoughts and aids thought retention. 

HEMATITE – Iron Oxide.  Increases resistance to stress; alleviates low self esteem; balances male/female qualities; good for all blood disorders.

HERKIMER DIAMOND – A variety of Quartz.  Powerful amplifier; releases stress and tension; relaxes muscles; increases awareness of dreams.

JASPER – a variety of Chalcedony.  Helps morning sickness; helpful in stomach, liver and kidney problems; calms uneasy minds.

KUNZITE – a variety of Spodumene.  Very high lithium content helpful in cases of  depression and mental disorders; aids in longevity; emotional balancer; soothing; calming.

LAPIS LAZULI – A variety of Sodium. Releases tension and anxiety; helpful for throat and eye problems. The friendship stone strengthens love and gives self confidence.

MAGNETITE – Iron Oxide. Helps in cases of dizziness, headaches and insomnia; used in dentistry and successful for sports injuries, bruises, sprains, muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

MALACHITE – a Copper Carbonate. Used to promote sleep; helpful in cases of arthritis, rheumatism and menstrual disorders; useful for neurological disorders and visual problems.

MOONSTONE – a variety of Felspar. Brings success and contentment; protects against accidents; benefits pregnancy & menstrual disorders and stimulates lactation.

OBSIDIAN – a volcanic glass.  Balances stomach, intestines and muscle tissue.  Helps alleviate inflammation and reduces stress. Protects soft-hearted and gentle people.

OPAL – The friendship stone. Emotional balancer used for radiating sex appeal; amplifies thought; eases sexual depression.

PERIDOT – Olivine.  Strengthens heart and eyes; aids tissue regeneration.

PYRITE – Iron Sulphide. Alleviates nervous exhaustion and stammering; eases anxiety; aids digestion; enhances brain function.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL – Clear.  Conquers fear; protects against loss of balance and motion and sickness; balances emotions and stimulates brain function; excellent for meditation.

RHODOCHROSITE – a variety of Manganese.  Enhances intellectual powers; strengthens self identity and lessens nightmares; helps heal emotional wounds.

ROSE QUARTZ – The Love Stone.  Aids creative thinking; stimulates artistic ability; eases sexual and emotional unbalances; reduces stress; enhances forgiveness and relaxation.

RUTILATED QUARTZ – Stimulates damaged parts of the brain; strengthens immune system; increase clairvoyance; eases depression.

SAPPHIRE – Transparent blue gemstone. A variety of Corundum. Stimulates telepathy, astral projection, clairvoyance; strengthens heart and kidneys; stimulates the desire for prayer and inner peace.

SELENITE – A variety of Gypsum.  Strengthens bones and teeth; rejuvenates prostate gland, testicles and uterus; helps release tension; activates higher creativity. 

SERPENTINE – A variety of Magnesium. Balances female qualities; alleviates paranoia; increases psychic abilities; stimulates heart, kidneys, lungs, pituitary and thymus glands.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Increases fertility; assists with heart problems; muscular deterioration; aids depression; good for meditation.

SODALITE – A variety of Sodium. Relieves subconscious fears & guilt; stimulates metabolism; balances thyroid; enhances communication and creative expression.

TIGER EYE – a variety of Chalcedony.  Assists thought, mental faculties and literacy; balances emotions and stubbornness.

TOPAZ – An Aluminium Silicate.  Balance the emotions, improves the appetite and sense of taste; strengthens thyroid gland; detoxifies the body; relaxing.

 TOURMALINE – A variety of Boro-silicate.  Builds self confidence and concentration; good for nervousness and sadness; gives inspiration; aids sleep; vitalizes; good for infections. 




A Crystals & Stones Healing Method

To cleanse and energise the chakras place crystals or stones (as shown below) on chakra points.  

Crown Chakra - clear quartz, amethyst, gold, gold rutilated quartz, tigers eye

Third Eye Chakra - sapphire, emerald, malachite, azurite, lepidolite

Throat Chakra - aquamarine, topaz, sodalite, blue lace agate

Heart Chakra -  rose quartz, garnet, jade, peridot (olivine)

Solar Plexus Chakra - citrine, carnelian, amber, calcite

Sacral Chakra (just below the navel) - carnelian, moonstone, hematite

Base Chakra - red jasper, garnet, opal, selenite, chrysoprase



Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Seichem and Crystal Healing can all be used to cleanse and repair the chakras & aura.


The word “Chakra” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel of energy'. There are seven major Chakras; they are energy centres that flow one way or the other, being closed or open depending on our experiences or state of being. 

The Chakras are situated in the Etheric Body - the Etheric Body is an energy field that permeates every cell and atom of our physical body and extends out about thirty centimetres from the body creating the health aura and connects the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The Etheric Body receives, assimilates and transmits energy into the chakras, which are distributing agencies providing dynamic force and energy to us. Chakras connect to a fine channel of energy that runs down the spine and the chakras release the energy they have gathered into this channel. 

The Chakras correspond to the endocrine glands, through to the central nervous system, the spinal column and the brain. The Chakras are like portals leading to different fields in your aura.  Energy moves in and out of chakras in a spiral formation. You could liken the chakras to a camera lens, which can become blocked, silted up, closed down or stuck open. 

Most people will instinctively cover their chakras if there is too much energy going into them, eg. We clamp a hand on our stomach in response to emotional shock; on our chest from fright; on our solar plexus when being verbally bullied.

Chakras both take in and collect universal energy in the environment and serve as a channel to nourish life in the physical body.

Each major chakra is approximately 7 to 8 centimetres diameter. Minor chakras 2 to 3 centimetres diameter.

The Base Chakra - Colour Red - Adrenals & Kidneys - lies at the base of the spine at the coccyx joint. It is the seat of our will to live and physical vitality.  This chakra nourishes the adrenal glands, spinal column and kidneys. It is also associated with individuality, touch senses and grounding the body.

The Sacral Chakra - Colour Orange - Ovaries or Testes & Spleen - is situated just above the pubic bone. It is through this chakra we sense our emotions and stimulate our creativity. This chakra is one of the centres of extra sensory perception (the feelings of other people are directly perceived here).  It nourishes the reproductive area, bladder and legs.

The Solar Plexus - Colour Yellow -  Pancreas & Digestive System - lies just above the navel and is the centre of our vitality and power urge. This chakra nourishes with energy our stomach, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and liver. It also relates to our perception of different situations in life and in cases of fright we can feel this area tightening

The Heart Chakra - Colour Green - Thymus Gland - is located in the heart and is related with our ability to receive and give unconditional love and is the centre of spiritual growth, compassion and love. Energy is supplied by this chakra to the heart, liver, circulatory system, thymus, lungs and blood circulatory system. Through this chakra our feelings of peace, love, joy and harmony can be sensed.

The Throat Chakra - Colour Blue - Thyroid & Parathyroids - is positioned in the throat area.  It channels energy to lungs, bronchial area, thyroid gland, vocal chords, digestive tract and arms.  This chakra is the centre of self-expression, communication and expressing ourselves with truth, creativity and honesty. 

The Third Eye Chakra - Colour Indigo - Pineal Gland - lies in the centre of the forehead and is associated with clairvoyance, telepathy, imagination, intuition and is the seat of the will, spirit and intellect.  It covers our pituitary gland, spine, lower brain, nose, ears, left eye and nervous system.  It also relates to our ability to appreciate beauty.

The Crown Chakra - Colour Violet - Pituitary Gland - is located on the top of the head and is the seat of direct knowing, understanding, wisdom and divinity.  It is the point where our personality is combined with spirituality.  This chakra nourishes with energy our pineal gland, upper brain and right eye.  Meditation on this chakra helps us in aligning with our true purpose in life.

Palm Chakras (minor) – centred in the middle of the palm of each hand.  These chakras govern expression and creative learning.  Hands are the instruments of healing, nurturing and caring.  When activated by the healing force the chakra centres in the palms of the hands spray very fine beams of light from both the centre of the palms of the hands and the tips of each finger.

Elbow Charkas (minor) - There are two small chakras on each elbow.  They are usually more activated in healers supporting the movement of healing energy.

Knee Chakras (minor) – You have a little chakra on each knee located in the middle of the kneecap. These chakras monitor the flow of the body’s energies.  Governs strength of purpose plus shoulder and neck muscles.  Many eastern forms of healing use the knee to massage and transfer energy. If you place your hands over each kneecap it will channel healing to your Central Nervous System.

Feet Chakras (minor) – regulates the flow of the body’s energies.  It governs balance, wholeness and the logical part of the mind.


Aura is a Latin word that means “a glow of light”.  The aura is an energy field that surrounds and interweaves the body.  According to the mental and emotional state of the person their aura can change in size, structure and colour. As first you may only see the first layers of the aura.  You may see colours and forms.  As you continue in your healing practice you may become more sensitive to higher frequencies and in turn be able to perceive the higher bodies. You may also be able to distinguish layers and be able to focus on the layer of your choice. Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Seichem and Crystal Healing can all be used to cleanse and repair the  aura.

Physical Plane
1st Layer - Etheric Body - Ό" to 2" from the physical body
– corresponds to the Base Chakra. The Etheric Body is a blueprint of the physical body including the organs and anatomy.  It is made up of a structure of lines of force upon which the physical matter of the body tissues are shaped.  It varies in colour from light blues to grays. 

2nd Layer - Emotional Body - 1" to 3" from the physical body - corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. The Emotional Body is associated with feelings and follows the outline of the physical body and at the same time interweaves with the surrounding bodies.  It ranges in colour from bright and clear to dark and muddy.  This layer contains all the colours of the rainbow.

3rd Layer - Mental Body  3" to 8" from the physical body – corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Mental body is composed of fine substances associated with thought processes, it contains the structure of our ideas and within this field can be seen thought forms which may be seen as blobs of various brightness and form.  These forms may also have colours that interweave with them which actually emanate from the emotional level. The colours represent the emotion that is attached to the thought form. This body is mostly yellow in colour emanating brightly around the head and shoulders and extending around the whole body.

Astral Plane
4th Layer - Astral Body ½ ft to 1 ft from the physical body
– corresponds to the Heart Chakra.  The Heart Chakra and Astral Body acts as a fulcrum. It is the entrance to higher levels of physical, emotional and mental expression. Without heart love energy, the passageway to the higher chakras is blocked.  Without heart love energy, there is no compassion, the ability to see divinity in All There Is. The Astral body is to do with feelings of love and matters of the heart - love of partner, children, family members, animals etc.  A great deal of interaction goes on between people on the astral level.  Great blobs of colour of various forms whisk across the room between people.  When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the chakras that connect them.  These cords exist on many levels of the auric field as well as the astral.  It can be perceived as rainbow colours infused with pink.  The Higher Chakras are our gateway to knowledge of the Truth of Oneness because when heart love energy is directed to the upper chakras, our psychic centres begin to open. 
Spiritual Plane
5th Layer - Etheric Template Body - 1½ ft to 2 ft from the physical body
– corresponds to the Throat Chakra. The Etheric Template Body is the template for the Etheric Body (1st Layer) which then forms the framework on which the physical body grows.  In disease, when the Etheric Layer (1st Layer) becomes disfigured then Etheric Template work is needed to provide support for the Etheric Layer (1st Layer) in its original template form. 

6th Layer - Celestial Body - 2ft to 2Ύft from the physical body - corresponds to the Third Eye. Emotional level of the spiritual place.  Spiritual enlightenment is experienced through this layer.  Maybe seen as strong gold-silver iridescent light that radiates out from the body.

7th Layer - Causal Body - 2½ft to 3½ft from the physical body – corresponds to the Crown Chakra. Oneness with Divine source. The mental layer of the spiritual plane.  This body is a highly structured template.  It contains all the auric bodies associated with the present incarnation.  Vibrates at an extremely high rate and appears as strong threads of golden light that hold the whole form of the aura together. Connects to the main power supply which runs down the spine and nourishes the whole body.  Past life bands are found on the outer layers of this body.  The Causal Body is the last auric level in the spiritual plane.  It contains the life plan and is the last level directly related to this incarnation.  Further on is the Cosmic Plane.

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Information about Auras excerpt from Brennen B. Hands of Light.  New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1989 - to see more about this book and to purchase please go to our Recommended Reading Page

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